A little about us…

Suzanne and Alan are a mid 50’s-ish, kids-out-of-the-house-ish, working-ish couple who like to travel on the weekends.

We have been dating 2 1/2 years and started living together fairly recently.

We have a few rules about traveling:

  • We stop for any “sparkly things” that catch our attention, and we take a closer look.  That could be an interesting store, roadside attraction, park, or just about anything.
  • We avoid chain restaurants, chain hotels, and overly popular tourist attractions (except for the occasional theme park).
  • We try to drive a different route home than we took to get there.
  • We avoid restrictive schedules.
  • We don’t fail to learn about our own area too.
  • Take lots of pictures.
  • There is cool shit everywhere, just take a minute to see it.

Following these rules has allowed us to try some of the most amazing food (BBQ Brisket Grill Cheese…), to meet some very interesting people (the lady who invented a game about going down a birth canal…), learn some very helpful skills (anyone need a tarot reading?) and see some of the best things to see in the state of Florida (bioluminescence in Cocoa Beach…).

We have started this blog for a couple of reasons… first, we are constantly asking each other “where was that restaurant…?” and we thought this would help us remember, and second, we thought you might need some encouragement to get out there to have some fun too.

We love to travel. We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures.

By the way, all of these thoughts and impressions are our own.  No one pays us anything… though, wouldn’t that be nice?