An Important Point About Traveling Cheaply

Ok, so are you familiar with Airbnb? If you like to travel cheaply and often, like we do, this is the way to go. Click this link and check it out.

Full disclosure, if you sign up after clicking my link, I will receive a $20 credit and you will receive $40 off your first stay that costs $75 or more. This is their standard referral program that anyone can participate in.

If you click we both win, if you don’t, I still want to tell you about it….

Some people get squeamish about staying in a stranger’s house. I guess I understand, but it’s not as bad as you think.  Really. 

Here is an example.  We stayed in this home recently for the cost of $100/night.  I kid you not.

We had the house to ourselves (just lucky… they do rent other rooms, but no one else was staying when we were).  The owners live there, but they have a place in the back.

We had a private bedroom, a private bath, and a private porch overlooking the river.  Here’s the pics to prove it:

The house was stunning.  Really. The bed was super comfy, and the property was pure perfection.  They even left us a bottle of wine, two glasses, and two bottles of water, just because.

Not all Airbnb homes are this nice, but they are always an adventure.  Alan and I have made a lot of friends this way.  You have a chance to review your host after your stay, and those reviews are public, so the hosts really try hard to get a good review (as a side note – guest are reviewed by the hosts as well, so don’t leave a nasty mess or steal the towels or anything…).

A few of our Airbnb adventures:

  • I once stayed in one for only $35 when I was traveling on the interstate in South Carolina.  It was late, and I had  a choice between a crappy hotel for about $80+ or someone’s spare room for $35.  I took the spare room. She was an artist and very interesting.
  • We once stayed in a place that had the crappiest sheets, they were really scratchy… but they had a nice pool and the location was excellent. Not every place is perfect.
  • In Ormond Beach, we met a very nice lady and her dog, she allowed us to use her bikes to ride down to the beach.  She had a lot of extras in our room (chocolates, etc) that made us feel appreciated.
  • We recently stayed in a skyscraper overlooking Universal in Orlando.  The air conditioner was out the first night (only got up to 76 degrees), but they fixed it quickly and then offered us a free night to make up for it. That was an entire condo, kitchen, two bedrooms (which is great when Alan hogs the bed), two bathrooms, and a living room.  All to ourselves and under $100/night.
  • One of the places we stayed in Orlando rented out the cabana next to their pool.  Yeah, just a cabana for $25/night.  We stayed in the house, in a truly excellent room, but the guest in the cabana had access to the pool bathroom/shower for a true bargain price…. about a mile from Disney.

Take a look at Airbnb for your next trip.  Alan and I use it MOST of the time and we rarely spend more than $75-$80/night…sometimes much less.

One thing to be aware of, some hosts have “cleaning” fees.  You will have a chance to see all fees before booking.

Other notes about cheap stays…

If you are not so sure about Airbnb, try an app or hotel chain that lets you build up to free nights at least.  I like  You get one free night after 10 stays, but the prices are low too.