Why visit Vancouver, BC

How about skiing down a slope for breakfast, round of golf for lunch, and a walk in the beach for dinner? Welcome to Vancouver!

Snow clad peaks on one side and bordered by a beach on the other, there’s a whole lot to do on a visit to Vancouver. This multicultural capital of Canada is a traveler’s delight!

Vancouver Town1 Why visit Vancouver, BC

Modern skyscrapers overlooking the main harbour of Vancouver : PoYang_博仰

What city in Canada can you ski in the morning, go to the beach in the afternoon, and play a round of golf in the evening? It would have to be near the coast if you are going to the beach and if you said Vancouver, British Columbia you would be correct. I probably should have said “in theory” since it would take a great amount of energy to literally do all those things, but it does emphasize the many things available to do when you visit Vancouver.

Pacific Coastline Why visit Vancouver, BC

Where the mountains meet the sea… Vancouver’s diverse landscape : backpackphotography

Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada, located on the Pacific coast in the southwest corner of British Columbia and is viewed by many as one of the best cities to live in. This city is also noted for its natural beauty, with its location next to the Pacific ocean and the mountains close in the background. In addition to the scenery there is also ethnic variety as well. Vancouver has the second largest Chinatown in North American second only to San Francisco.

The current city is very young, only 125 years old, there is evidence of human habitation for about 6000 years. Trees covered most of the area that is now the city, it is said that many were shipped to Beijing, China for the construction of the Imperial Palace.

Vancouver Cruise Why visit Vancouver, BC

It’s strategic location makes Vancouver the ideal place to start a cruise : brookscl

Two events that put Vancouver on the map so to speak, was the Expo 86 World’s Fair and then again it was host to the Winter Olympics in 2010. Because of its location Vancouver is the starting point for cruise, train, air and car. Since there are not many expressways, many choose other forms of transportation, many cruises to Alaska began in Vancouver, train travel is also popular since train travel through the Rockies is beautiful many go as far as Banff and others all the way to the east coast. Bikes are used for transportation as well as sport.

The climate around Vancouver is one of the warmest in Canada, palm trees grow here naturally as well as cherry blossoms. Three mountains get snow naturally December through February but snow-making equipment is used if needed.

Stanley Park Aquarium Why visit Vancouver, BC

The Vancouver Aquarium is world famous and has many live shows : CarolMedina

What to do? The answer to that question is unlimited, for a start Stanley Park, Coal Harbour walkway and the Vancouver Aquarium are the city’s most popular attraction. Another popular place to visit is the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. There are two Art Galleries and Science world and Museum as well as the Vancouver Aquarium. You can see the huge trees and wildlife in one of the many parks in the area and the three mountains for skiing. There are many beaches opened to the public except for one called “Wreck Beach” where clothing is optional.

So the answer to the question where can you ski in the morning, go to the beach in the afternoon and play golf in the evening is definitely Vancouver, B.C. Whether to start your trip or make your whole trip Vancouver waits for you.

Jan L.

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